Amokalexs “HEAD ON” Nr. 1 – English – The NEW Talkshow every Sunday from 8:00 pm EST on thru Midnight!

Amokalexs „HEAD ON“ – in the English Language

Sundays; 8 pm thru Midnight EST, 2 am thru 6 am MEZ, 8 am thru 12 Noon THA (Mondays)


A 4 Hour Talkshow about everything that you may have had a Question about.

Non Prejudice, No Theories, Questions amungst Questions, Question concerning any Subject, Ideas, Possibilities, ….let your Heart Speak!!

Skype will be available for those who would like to get involved.

The first “HEAD ON” Talk is going to be about WATER, H2O, the most important element in order for Life to exist!!

What do we really know about this Element??

…I happend to find what I believe is a connection going back as far as Pre-modial beings, The Bibel, Tree of Life, Herodotus, Dagon, on up to Auguste Piccard and his Son Jacques Piccard, Spiders and the construction of their Spiderwebs, a possible connection to an Electric Universe!? …which connects the studies from the Thunderbolts Project?? and much more.

This is smoking HOT! …I haven’t seen or heard any thoughts the way this came to me in a Flash one evening reading and researching.!!

High Suspence!

…and instead of me trying to convince anyone about my intelligence or what I know, this is going to work differently!

…I know that I don’t know!! …but I will though, bring up a Subject, Theme, Idea, and present it to you.

The Idea is to try and dissect the issue at hand and see if we can come to a conclusion TOGETHER!!!???

TOGETHERNESS!! Putting our HEADS TOGETHER!! That is the KEY to Peace and Happiness within yourself!!


The Direct Link into Chat Group „HEAD ON“;

Tonight We are on! Showtime 8:00 pm and ONLY on FETTESRADIO – FATRADIO!

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