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  • Fettes Mucke

Welcome to the New Talkshow on the Internet!

Amokalex “HEADON”

4 Hour Talkshow about everything and anything imaginable!

No Judgements, No Conspiracy Bullshit, Questions amungst Questions, Questions on ANY Topic that one is trying to find an answer for, Questions irrelevant of Theme, Idea, Thought, Possibility, ….your Heart is Talking!!

Skype Line will be Open, Open for your calls and we WILL Talk!!

The first Show will be about WATER, H2O, the most important element for Life!!

What is the REAL DEAL behind Water??

…I believe I found a connection!?

Beginning from the Premordial Human beings on through the Bible, Tree of Life, Herodotus, Dagon and his Spouse, upto Auguste Piccard and his Son Jacques Piccard, Spiders and The way the Build their Spiderwebs, …the connection to the Electric Universe Theorie from the Scientists from Thunderbolts Project and much more!

Absolutly Mind Blowing! …although I have searched allover the Net, I have not found anyone that has brought this possibility up!!??

Ultimate High Suspence! 

…and instead of me trying to prove if I am right or wrong, we are going to do this differently!!

…I know, I know Nothing! …but I will give you a thought and extensive information and WE are going to try to come up with an Answer or some kind of Conclusion TOGETHER!! 

TOGETHERNESS!! Our Thoughts and putting our Heads TOGETHER is the KEY!  

Wednesday is the Date!! …Starting 8:00pm MEZ – German Language and Again in the English Language!!  at 8:00 pm EST



  • Sunday - 2:00 am - 6:00 am


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