….just a tiny Taste of what “FETTESRADIO” is all about!

>> Listen here! <<

..a Taste of what the “Amokalex International Radio Show” will be like in the near Future on FETTESRADIO!

A first time Interview with Mr. John Potash, Author, Researcher, Psychology Master, Rehabilitator

…Talks about his Books; “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and other Black Leaders” as well as “Drugs As Weapons Against Us” all availabe at Amazon and his Homepage.

Many Facts arise that were Talked about in previous shows having to do with “Laurel Canyon”, David McGowan, The Music industry etc.

The Introduction is in the German Language, The Interview with John Potash is in the English Language.

It will be available at a later Date in the German Language on Fettesradio.de

Hope you enjoy! …and know that my researching continues!!

Rock On! …your Amokalex 🙂 \m/

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