Amokalexs “HEAD ON” Nr. 2 – English – “Doctors of the Dark Side”

Tonight in “Amokalexs“HEAD ON”
we are going to be Talking about the critical Role Doctors and Psycologists Play by the CIA and Military! 
After watching the Documentary; “Doctors of the Dark Side”  …it has become more than obvious that the Secret Service and Military use “NAZI Methods” to break the Souls and Mental State of Humans!
…Facts that PROVE that Doctors ignored their Ethic and Codex vowed to PROTECT the Patients Health and well being;
“…Physicians who are involved in clinical research have special responsibilities as investigators to protect the rights, safety and welfare of research participants that include matters of study design, informed consent and selection of participants.”
– and in most cases Falsefied Autopsy Reports, worked against the well being of Patients, and supported the Mental and Physical Abude!
…this all arises the Question; “… if these Tactics are used against a Human that is SUSPECTED or a SUSPECT without given cause!?, ….how far would Doctors go with the Daily Patients they have to continue having a Good Relationship and Standards with the Pharma Industrie!!??
…this could and does lead us into the whole Immunization and Vaccine demands!
Hot Stuff!!
in the ENGLISH Language;
Sunday the 10th of September!!
8:00 pm EST thru Midnight,
2:00 am thru 6:00 am MEZ, 8:00 am thru Noon THA – Monday thru Noon 
Amokalexs “HEAD ON” – “Doctors of the Dark Side”
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