Amokalex “Music Vault” Nr. 5 – English – “It is what It is” …but, what is “IT”? actually??

Tonight on “FATRADIO” in the Amokalex “Music Vault” Nr. 5 – English Language

“It is what It is” …but, what is “IT”? actually??  

…there are several things that I would also like to takeinto Review Tonight!

The Las Vegas Shootings that took the Life of over 50 People and injured more than 500!!

Brutal attack on Two women in France

Kent State Reloaded?Police action against the People in Catalonia, Spain

some very interesting thoughts!!

Tonight starting 8:00 pm EST (2:00am MEZ)
Amokalex “Music Vault” Nr. 5 – in the English Language

and Only on FATRADIO;

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