Amokalex “Music Vault” Nr.3 – English Language

Tonight starting 8:00 pm EST, kicking the Next Episode – Nr. 3 – of the „Amokalex Musik Vault“ on FATRADIO.FM!

Hmm, 911!? ….16 Years Ago!? …how Time Flies! 

…being that many have been Talking about this Theme, I just want to brush it and Talk about the actual Events going on in the USA!!

Hurricanes!? Weather Control!? Urkans!? Particle Accelerator on Long Island!?

…and following Irma, Katia, Harvey, and now Lee!? …some are even predicting that the next Weather Front is developing of the Westcoast of Africa?? WF Nr. 14!?

A Country that is pretty much a Dry Region!? Where are the Water Vapors coming from??

We are going to look into the Rabbit Hole and analyze what we are all experiencing and seeing.

Music and Music information that happend on this dy will also be talked about!

Tonight at 8:00 pm EST in the English Language on;

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