Amokalex “Music Vault” – English starting 8 pm thru 10 pm East Coast US of A…..

Soo Gang! Tonights the Night!!

starting 8 pm East Coast US of A Time on „FETTESRADIO“ -“FATRADIO”
(2 am MEZ)

…I am starting out with my first Show in the – English – Language

Amokalex “Music Vault”

I will be repeating past Monday’s Show (German Language)

Every Week!

Todays Music Stuff consists of the following Topics;

What is, and the goals of FETTESRADIO – FATRADIO?

Programing over 8,500 Songs into the Radio System, I have made some discoveries about the Music Lyrics.


The Group function on the Fettesradio website!

….I will open the SKYPE lines so that YOU have the opportunity to call in if you like!? 

I will also be Talking about Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington …Thoughts, Questions, Opinions..

I will also be present in our Chat Room!

You want to find out whats Happenin’ around the World!?

Join Us!! ….if you DARE!! \m/ – in the English Language! 

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