Amokalex “HEAD ON” Nr. 6 – English – Las Vegas; PsyOp or Not!?

Tonight in the – Amokalex “Head On” Show on “FATRADIO”
in the English Language

I will be looking into the Las Vegas Shooting.

I would like to share the Details I found the Day after (Monday, Oct. 2) results (Wednesday, Oct. 4) ….and actual findings and reports!!

I would also like to point out something that NO ONE is Talking about!!

** I noticed and am the first to mention about the “CHURCH” located opposite of the LUXOR Hotel (Pyramid) & Sphinx,


a Roman Catholic Church. **

What does this all possibly mean!?

Tune in Tonight!! – Amokalex “HEAD ON” on FATRADIO

8:00 pm thru Midnight EST

and Only On;

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