Amokalex “HEAD ON” Nr. 4 – English – Secret Societies and their Origins

Tonight in the – Amokalex “Head On” – in the English Language
on Fatradio

I will be looking into the Origins of Secret Societies.

What influenced them?
Where did they come from?
Who is behind them?
What do we really know about them?

I have researched the works of Philip Gardiner and put together over 22 Pages of Handwritten work to present to you Tonight.

The amazing thing is, again the connections that I found to all my previous Talks!! 

This wasn’t and is not planned this way! 
Something is giving me hints on a direction to follow!? Consciously or Sub-consciously??

…but I am seeing how from the first show to the next, there is a pattern building up that connects one to another!! *FREAK*

Anyway, …again Real, Real Hot Stuff I prepared for those who are interested!!

The – English Version of this Show will be Broadcasted “LIVE” at 8:00 pm EST.

Tonight, ….Join me for some Forbidden History;

Showtime Starts @ 8:00 pm MEZ
Only On;

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