Amokalex “Head On” – Nr.3 in English – Sound, Resonance, Magnetism, and Energie

On Saturday September 16. 2017 in the Amokalex “Head On” Talkshow in English

8:00 pm EST

We will talk about:

How can sound travel faster than the speed of light?
How can our thoughts and words manifest reality?
What do we really know about science, physics, our Earth and the universe around us?
Can we truly be the creators of our own beautiful future?
Why don’t they teach us this basic stuff at school?

Michael Tellinger’s presentation of lost knowledge makes us realize that everything we have been taught is a lie. Michael shares new information on the origins of humankind, the vanished civilisations of southern Africa, ancient advanced technology, stone circles and other megalithic sites, and a deeper exploration of sound, resonance, frequency, magnetism and toroidal fields – the manifestation of matter from the vacuum or the morpho-genetic field and the strange anomalies we discover on this journey. Be prepared to keep an open mind and break down the walls of our personal dogmas.

Very Hot Stuff!! …that will also show a connection to things I personally found out and talked about in my first Talk “WATER”


8:00 pm MEZ, 2:00 pm EST, 2:00 am THA

In the German Language


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