Amokalex “HEAD ON” Nr. 5 – English – The KENNEDY Clan – King’s of the Underground

Due to an outside “LIVE” Gig yesterday, unfotunately I do not have a Cell Phone and could not access the internet.

but none the less,….

Tonight in the Amokalex “HEAD ON” in the English Language

I will be looking into a Gentlemans research – Johan Oldenkamp – from the Netherlands.

Dr. Johan H. Oldenkamp was a professor of knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship at the Stenden University

He is the Author of many Books and holds lectures as well as his Video Blogs.

In accordance to the 25th JFK Assassination Secrets Scheduled for 2017 Release, I would like to look into his findings.

Really Hot Stuff!! 

Having to do with Numerology and Breakaway Civilization? Shadow Government? Underground? ….JESUITS!? …and the VATICAN!?

Maybe, I can arrange for a Three way Talk with Johan Oldenkamp & Ole Dammegard in my Show!!?? 

Tonight!! Amokalex “Head On” in English!

The KENNEDY Clan – King’s of the Underworld!?

Showtime starts @ 8:00 pm EST

Only On;

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