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Nestlé-Productes have been banned out of the DM-Drugstores assortments….

Netsle Products have been removed from the Drugstore Chains Assortment – DM – in Germany. …following an open Statement from the Nestle CEO stating that WATER is NOT a Human Right! considering how the African Co-workers are being treated by Nestle whilst removing their own Water Source for Profit, …WE ALL CAN BRING DOWN COMPANIES like NESTLE!! We are NOT

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TuneIn Kiddies!!…

We are Now available on TuneIn for your Listening Pleasure!!

Soooo, …my Little Dearies

…the Time has come for me to take you on a „TIME WARP“!! …the Talk is of somewhat 20 Years Ago! …„PROJECT 89,0 DIGITAL“ 2001 …for those that had the opportunity to experience this Time I was working on FM RADIO in Germany, I think will agree that it was a RADIO REVOLUTION!! I had the Honor of Escorting TWO Generations. For

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Frontman “Linkin Park” Chester Bennington 41 Dead….

Frontman from the Band “Linkin Park” apparently took his Life Today. He was 41 Years Old!! Again, …this cannot be a coincidence, following the apparent Suicide from Frontman Chris Cornell!! Something is definitely Not Right People!!

Homeland Security!!?? …Airport Security!!??

…this makes it quite obvious that the Airport Security is only there to let you know they can Fuck with you anyway they want! …Now you see where Tax Dollars flow and how they protect us!!

….Ahhhh! ….there is Music in the Air!!!

…I am Happy to say that it is that time of the Week again, my dear “Sonic” Masters!!  It’s time to Pack your Six Guns, Clubs and whatever you need to Break the Frequency, …and let us get into the Groove! FlowPo C-Town: Doors Open @ 8:00 pm Sonic Boom starts @ 9:30 Music Video Dessert to closeout the Night!

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We are Now Listed in …

I am very Happy to announce that “Fettesradio” “Fat Radio” is now listed in Hallo Herr Rudzinski, vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage und Ihr Interesse an! Wir haben Ihren Sender soeben in unsere Datenbank aufgenommen. Sie finden ihn in Kürze direkt unter: und über unsere Apps für Smartphone und Tablets. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es eine Weile (ca. 1 Tag)

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